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Hello and welcome to my Luxury Spain Travel Blog. I’m Rachel and I love exploring my adopted country – Spain. I moved from the UK with hubby and two sons in 1996. Now many years later with 3 sons, all larger and better at Spanish than me, I explore Spain at every opportunity.

Having always stayed in hotels with my globe trotting father, my training and first jobs were in hotels,  I continued working in the hotel industry until moving to Andalucia in 1996. Since then I have searched out beautiful places to stay on my jaunts around Spain. Planning my trips is just as fun as going on them. Can I help you plan yours? See my Trip Planning page on my portfolio of Only Spain Boutique Hotels.

Luxury to one person might mean something completely different to another and at different places or times in our lives that meaning of luxury changes. When my boys were small luxury was a glass of wine and a long soak in the bath! Nowadays my sons are grown-up and doing their own travelling through life.

I’m always reading, writing about, wondering about and wandering around this glorious country that is now home. Wining and dining, travelling alone or with hubby, checking out hotels and spas, lovely white towns or new bars and restaurants.  In short I love anything and everything Spanish.

These pages aim to showcase Spain whether its 5* Spa hotels or a boutique city hotel, Michelin star cuisine or a homemade dish in a local bar, Spanish-made goods or a city walking (or segway)  tour.

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I’d be happy to work for you and/or with you. I love recommending places to visit or stay, reviewing hotels, and generally exploring and promoting Spain. If you’d like some stats or more information just ask.

If you’d like me to write for you, if you want to invite me to experience and share your business or share some editorial with me just get in touch.

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