Unique, Handmade Spanish Leather Bags

Fernando Garcia of FG Bags designs, makes and sells unique 100% leather handbags, satchels and purses in his shop in Grazalema near Ubrique in the south of Spain. Ubrique is a small mountain town in Cadiz province which has a long tradition of making leather goods.

Handmade does mean exactly that. Fernando doesn’t use any machines all his bags are stitched by hand and every item is a one-off gorgeous bag that he produces, each piece begins its life when he chooses a piece of leather. The  top-quality leather, its thickness, its uniqueness is what inspires him.

When Fernando abandoned his stressful job in Madrid and came to the area he brought with him his uncle´s leather-working tools. He´d chosen to live in a place ‘famous’ for its leather-working traditions and so had full and easy access to tools and top-quality animal hides. He started small, selling from home and craft fairs around the provinces. Then he obtained the shop in Grazalema and now he runs a very successful business which supports his family.

“ I never do the same thing! I never repeat a design for a bag. I go down to Ubrique to buy the hides….. I look at them, smell them, feel and handle them. Then the ideas are sown. Every hide is different so every piece which comes from that hide is different.  All my bags are unique….. When I´ve used a pattern to cut out a bag I throw the paper away”


Fernanado Garcia Bags

Fernando left his stressful job in Madrid and went to the area around Ubrique with his uncle’s leather-working tools. He’d chosen to live in a place which was famous for its leather-working traditions and top-quality animal hides.


FG Bags also has an ‘organic’ range with leathers that are made from natural vegetable tanned cowhide which influences the form, texture, thickness and natural colour of the material.

From starting small, selling at craft fairs and from home around the provinces, he now has a shop in Grazalema, the town next to Ubrique,  and  runs a very successful one-man business.

For gorgeous, individual bags you must check out Fernando Garcia. His unique and bespoke designs can be bought directly from his shop and they can also be ordered online from FG Bags.



Spanish Leather Fit for a Queen

Spanish Leather – Ubrique, a small town with a big name in Cadiz province near the Malaga border and better-known Ronda, is famous world-wide for its leatherwork.

Since the 19th century when Italian leather workers arrived bringing the tools of their trade leather production has thrived in Ubrique. In the 20th century leather manufacturing was Ubrique’s main industry and today using traditional and modern methods its leather, mainly cow hide, is highly sort-after across Spain as well as by French designers includung Loewe, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, as well as Chloe.

While dogs may be a man’s best friend I think bags are a girl’s best friend. Here are some of my favourite from El Potro online shop.

In 2014 when Letizia was crowned queen her choice of bag was a Spanish design, Magrit, made from Ubrique leather. Ubrique produces around 75% of Spain’s leather goods and some factories, which include Milli Millu, El Potro, Barada and Piel&Mer make up to 1,500 bags a day (that’s a lot of lovely bags). There is also a huge range of boots, purses, wallets and travel bags.

The town has a Leather Museum – Museo de la Piel with original machinery and a gallery with tooled marroquineria  leather which originates in Morocco. You can also see how leather is made into gorgeous  bags. Of course while visiting the town there are plenty of opportunities to browse, buy and inhale all that wonderful leather.