I’m not a stranger to Flamenco, I live in Spain. I’ve seen the real spontaneous raw song and dance, also several not good ‘tourist shows’ so when I was invited to the new City Hall Flamenco Show  and as I was going to Barcelona for a Writers Retreat I took the plunge and two of my course mates along. We all loved it!

Flamenco Dancer, City Hall, Barcelona

This is what I wote on the retreat about the Show when given the prompt: A Time you Were Really Present…

Entering, a narrow front door, the street noise receded the further along the darkening corridor we went. Rounding a corner notes of piped music wafted upwards, which grew louder as we descended into a sensuous cavern, soft lighting, chairs and a stage set the scene, we wait. Expectant, hesitant, excited.

The music and lights fade, curtains open and the show begins. Four men, three women start clapping, not loud, not fast. The speed picks up, then builds with feet also tapping. One dancer rises, poised. The guitar joins in and the swirling, mesmerizing dancer in red-layered dress begins. Stamping. Clapping, whirling, swirling. Faster, slower, softer, louder. I’m being wooed, played with, absorbed, aroused, she has my attention, louder, faster, excited, she has me. The climax, the eruption of clapping from all around. I breathe, I applaud. Sweaty, exhausted, satisfied I lean back in my chair.

Then it begins again, a different song, another dance but the same intensity, then another and another. I’m overawed, overwhelmed, emotional, content.

That’s what the City Hall Flamenco show did for me!

Flamenco Dancer, City Hall, Barcelona

A fabulous experience and atmosphere which we recommended the Writers Retreat added to the itinerary. Why? The seven performers were obviously a troop, they talked and laughed together, and improvised. It wasn’t a perfectly rehearsed, stick-to-the-plot show. They teased each other, followed each other and enjoyed themselves. I felt as though it was a jamming session to them, raw, real and passionate.

Where’s the show?  City Hall, Rambla de Catalunya, 2

When’s the show? Thursday to Sunday  7:30 pm and 9:30 pm

What’s their website? City Hall Flamenco

Flamenco Dancer, City Hall, Barcelona

I was given complimentary tickets to the show, I would pay to go again.