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Aurora Bootcamp Spain

Do you want a boot camp somewhere sunny that encourages and supports your weight loss or fitness targets without bullying or being too rigid? Aurora BootCamp should be your destination.

About 20 minutes walk from Marbella and a 15 minute walk to the nearest beach Aurora offers week long stays, weekends, days or even just a morning or afternoon session to get you leaner, fitter and healthier as well gaining a tan while working out.

I had the pleasure of joining a new week-long course for a day. Our group met on Friday evening for a no-carb dinner and a talk about the week, or in my case the day, ahead.

Roseanna, our host and camp director told us about our diet, accommodation, the workouts and answered any questions we had. Most of us had question and were apprehensive. This was my first bootcamp ever, first fitness session and  group activity since my aerobic heyday 30+ years ago. It was definitely time to be more active, but would I last?

The morning started with a weigh-in and measure-up session for those whose aim for the week was to lose weight. After a hearty breakfast of scrambled egg, fried onions, mushrooms and peppers we were introduced to Ross, our tanned, good-looking and fit motivator and trainer.

We exercised in short sharp bursts then rested, stretched and rested, being encouraged constantly and before I knew it two hours had passed by. It was not as tough as I’d imagined and much more fun.

We’d done circuit sessions with weights, squats, pulls, jumps, sprints and swings. All in short bursts and with a countdown a great incentive to keep going and pushing yourself a bit harder. After a break and snack it was back to work.

The afternoon flew by with no worries about keeping up.  You keep your own pace with lots of encouragement.

I’m not sure how I’d have coped for a week because I was in agony the next day.  But I survived. Would I do it again? Yes, definitely. It was fun, enlightening and best of all I (more or less) kept up for one day.


Aurora Bootcamp is held in a lovely villa with lounge and dining area we all felt comfortable leaving personal items around and having bedrooms without locks on the doors. A great place to lose weight in the sun.

Update – the bootcamp is temporarily closed.

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