There is so much to do and see in Seville, the city that never sleeps, that melts in the summer heat, that captivates hearts. It´s a city that must be visited many times, and each visit surprises and delights. Follow the guidebooks and you´ll see the main tourist attractions, so don´t. Instead meander the narrow streets, stroll its plazas, inhale and go where your heart and feet guide you.

But should you want a guide or a list that isn´t the norm here are a few of the trillion sites and treasures to do and see..

Do Tapas in Seville

Have Tapas in Arab Baths. The Cerveceria Giralda was undertaking some works in 2020 when they discovered the remains of a Hammam Baths from the XII century. It is now open for tapas and found on Calle Mateos Gago de Sevilla, near the cathedral.

See The Roman Hispalis – Antiquarium

The Antiquarium is a small surprising museum in the basement of the architectural Metropol Parasol also known as Las Setas (mushrooms – for its shape) and also well-worth a stroll on this huge, wooden structure for views of the city and to marvel at its form and size.

The Antiquarium shows Roman remains of Híspalis which later evolved into Seville. Roman houses, ancient jars, used to make their famous garum, and evidence of winemaking in the Roman Empire.

Metropol Parasol o Las Setas Image mine

El Hospital de Caridad

El Hospital de Caridad or Charity Hospital dates from 17th century, built by Don Miguel de Mañara. It is still used today as a care home for the elderly without resources.

El Hospital de la Caridad Image – Istock

Seville, such a never ending joy of jewels. I must return for my fill of culture, history and tapas before the summer heat stops the desire to venture into the city.

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