A real getaway from-it-all place to disconnect which is eco friendly, self-sufficient is District Hive´s podtel in Granada Geopark´s Gorafe desert. This autonomous unit is the first of many that will be located in ´wild´ locations, its also known as a Human Recharging Station, a place to disconnect. The podtel is controlled by Artificial Intelligence, and an App, it could be removed from its location tomorrow and will have caused no damage to the environment. And what an environment it is in!

Podtel, Gorafe

The Geopark in Granada is a largely unknown yet huge area which is also called the ´Badlands´ because of its hostile, yet pure unadulterated nature.

The Badlands, Gorafe Geopark, Granada

We arrived via the semi troglodyte town of Gorafe and drove up via hairpin bends to its plateau backdrop. Tracks and kilometres and ´have we got it rights´ later – don´t rely on Google Maps – we spotted it in the distince. A huge ´Wow´ combined with relief as we saw the podtel in the distance. The next slight worry was will the App work. Will we be able to gain access. Is there coverage? Of course all went smoothly, coverage or wifi, I´m not sure but the App opened the door and there we were in our glass house, our eco-hotel, our star-gazing destination (may the clouds go away.)

District Hive Podtel, Gorafe, Granada

Miles from anywhere and everyone. Views to die for, even with cloud, and a silence then enters the soul and soothes away stress. Our February visit, sadly was not for sitting outside, no stars and quite cold, but it was easy to imagine a clear night lit by a million stars while lazing on the hammocks.

First View

Amazingly in that small space we had a double bedroom, there´s space for a family of four with pull-out beds in the lounge, a lounging area, kitchen with worktop that doubles as a breakfast bar/work area, toilet (incinerator) and a fabulous shower.

Initially we felt slightly vulnerable, as in on show to the world, but when there was no passers by, no traffic, no nothing we quickly appreciated the solitude and surroundings and the enormous peace.

The podtel produces its own electricity and its own water. An incredible piece of engineering that can be placed in the most remote, beautiful setting without harming the environment.

Inside the Podtel

A disconnect and recharge it is. On clear sky nights the vast darkness showing the natural flickering light show of a million stars must be stunning. The podtel is an experience as well as in a fabulous location. Waking up when the sun comes up to a wall of glass view, in the midst of the wild but in warmth and comfort.

Would we go back? Yes! But we´d like starry, starry nights to accompany us there.

How to book? Via the District Hive website, they are also on Booking.com.

What is a Geopark? See my post Geopark´s – Unesco Geological Sites in Spain

My visit to District Hive´s Podtel was a complimentary one, my words, thoughts and feelings – my own.