It´s a few years ago now that I first visited Barcelona. Like many of us right now I´m wanting to plan trips but also going down memory lane. My thoughts today aren´t so much as luxury travel but the luxury of feeling at home, at peace in new surroundings with new people and in an out-of-my-comfort zone way that was totally alien to me.

I´d won a trip on a Writer´s Retreat in Barcelona. A city unknown to me yet I´d a longing to know it. With trepidation I boarded a flight from Malaga to Barcelona, it took me as long to drive from home to Malaga airport as the flight. I was the last to arrive, not uncommon for me. The taxi dropped me off at the hotel on La Rambla and I entered the lobby to be greeted by the rest of the group of ´girls´. Pretty overwhelming for me. As a mother of three sons, a one female and four male household being surrounded by females was quite intimidating.

Early Morning on La Rambla

Writing Retreat in Barcelona

Writing and sharing what I´d written was a new thing too. Scary. Embarrassing. Writing with prompts was new to me too, but that was good, enjoyable even. Then having to read what I´d written – out loud – with the group watching me – well the colour beetroot comes to mind.

The Girls in Parc Güell

This quote of mine is still on the Pink Pangea website…

I thought I was going to improve my writing. Instead, I’ve come away an improved me.

Exploring Barcelona on a Writers´ Retreat

We didn´t only write we explored Barcelona, visited Parc Güell and The Sagrada Familia, did a city walking tour, ate where we wanted. The structure was enough but not overpowering. My fear of meeting strangers soon dissolved and the whole experience was just so uplifting, as was The Sagrada Familia.

The Sagrada Familia

Would I go again? Definitely. Of course it wouldn´t be the same, there´d be new faces and that is a situation that I realised, pretty late in life, that I actually enjoy. Now that is a luxury.

Pink Pangea do writing retreats, online workshops and other events, maybe next time a retreat in Costa Rico or Italy, here´s a link to the retreats in Barcelona – no set dates yet of course but there will be and here´s a link to a bit of writing I did in the plane on the way home. High and Low: Preparing to Land after the Barcelona Retreat.