Sunshine, siestas, good food and luxurious surroundings probably aren’t words you’d associate with a rehabilitation centre but here at Camino Recovery near the Spanish Mediterranean Sea with its stunning backdrop of mountains it’s perfectly easy to step away from life and its rituals and step into healing and health.

Camino Recovery Rehabilitation Centre

This sub-tropical climate with over 320 days of sunshine a year is the healthiest country in the world according to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index. Peace and caring professionals with over 80 years of combined training between them help and support the walk away from addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, family, relapse or relationship issues into health.

Camino Recovery

Where better to start recovering than a luxurious base with swimming pool, pure mountain air, peace and support. A retreat from the world into a relaxing place to explore oneself and others. To live surrounded by nature and the sense of well-being that grows from eating well (chefs create the daily menus with every need and intolerance in mind), living well and seeing and learning a new way of life than at Camino Recovery, camino which means walk, way, path or journey in Spanish.

Camino Recovery Rehabilitation Centre

As a former client said

The situation of the place was inspiring in itself, a spiritual place and a place of great beauty.

Previously based in Marbella Camino Recovery now celebrate 10 years at their new home, Velez-Malaga, 30 minutes east of Malaga. This is the land of mango and avocado groves between the sandy beaches of Torre del Mar and the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, a stunning wild area for walking and hiking.

Bespoke Treatment at Camino Recovery

Because of the climate as many activities as possible take place outdoors from dining outdoors to yoga on the helipad, horse therapy to massage.

An initial assessment helps build an understanding of the prominent issues and which types of therapy will work best for each individual.

This involves looking at sleep patterns, nutrition, relationships and sense of purpose. In some cases abstinence from compulsive behaviour and thought patterns is encouraged and a range additional and complementary processes such as massage, meditation, acupuncture and martial arts are implemented.

Each client receives a balanced treatment programme in every area, not just psychological, and we encourage a long term recovery plan. The Camino ethos is to empower the individual, giving them responsibility for every facet of their well-being.

With a natural empathy at the heart of everything, we offer a personal touch in a safe and caring environment

Camino Recovery – Treatment for Addictions

Camino Recovery

There is no illness and addiction is an illness, that is unable to be treated. But often it isn’t only the person with the problem that needs understanding and education. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food or compulsive behaviour the whole family needs to understand the illness and learn how to help their loved one.

For this reason the 5 day family workshop is an integral part of the program and Camino strongly encourage family to attend as part of the healing process. This forms part of the treatment program and has no additional cost.

Our aim is that anyone choosing to stay with us feels instantly safe, relaxed, inspired and at home.

Camino Recovery Rehabilitation Centre

Drawing on their decades of combined therapeutic expertise, Camino’s professional team will help you get your life back on track in sunny and peaceful surroundings.

They offer effective, individual-based rehabilitation for addiction, rehab for depression, anxiety, trauma, family, relapse and relationship issues in hard to beat luxurious and beautiful surroundings.



This is a sponsored post written by me about excellent facilities doing amazing work.