According to the Cambridge Dictionary Hammam or Turkish Bath means

‘a health treatment in which you sit in a room full of steam and are then usually massaged (= rubbed) and washed, or a building in which this treatment is available.

The Hammam Al Andalus in Cordoba offers far more. Enter the doorway off a narrow street, just a few minutes walk from the Mezquita, and you’re transported into another time.

Low lights, soft music and Moroccan decor, as well as smiling faces greet you. Arrive before your alloted time and relax in the charming tea lounge before being escorted to the atmospherically seductive changing rooms.

The only thing you need to bring is your swimwear, towels, toiletries, hair dryers etc. are all provided. After locking my belonging in a safe where you put your own PIN, I headed through the doors and into the hushed, steamy baths. Two cold baths, two hot baths and one large warm bath awaits.

Around the warm baths curtains flutter and candles flicker with the movements of the masseurs behind. That lulling, low music and the trickling of water means instant ease. Hubby and I were shown behind the curtains into the massage area, the masseurs worked there magic. I could have fallen asleep on that table and certainly didn’t want to move afterwards. The wear and tear of the day’s sightseeing had seeped away.

The bathing procedure, hot, warm, cold and the steam room is up to you. Do the cycle or not (I wasn’t keen on the cold bath) no pressure, except hubby who liked to do the cycle, cold warm, hot. Relaxing in the warm pool, which for me was by far the most pleasant, is evocative of days gone by. Take a break for a refreshing mint tea between sessions and just go with the flow. Peace, water, relax.

Float in the womb-like waters, be pampered with a choice and length of time of the massages, choose your preferred fragrance and feel like a queen in palatial surroundings. An absolute joy.

Would I do it again? Oh yes! Tomorrow?

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Disclaimer: I was a (very contented) guest of the Hammam Al Andalus in Cordoba.