Campos de Ibiza – Luxury Spanish Cosmetics & Perfumes

The birth of Campos de Ibiza is a story as touching and charming as their growth and their products. From a child making fragrances from flower petals from her garden Campos de Ibiza has now become one of Spain’s best known brands. So how does the story go?

Campos de Ibiza

The story starts in World War II when a young French soldier was captured by General De Gaulle’s troops and imprisioned in Spain. His translator was Baroness Ilaria of Romania who promised she’d take the young soldier to her island if they survived.  Survive they did and the  Baroness took him to Ibiza in the 1950s, where he began a lifelong love and passion for the island frequently taking his family with him.

Campos de Ibiza

His daughter Camilla visited throughout her childhood  and she began making her own brand of scents from the fruit and flowers from their garden in the 1970s.

Campos de Ibiza

Today Camilla’s daughter Aurelie runs the business and has given it a more international touch. They produce over 60 luxury products from perfumes and fig soap to gift box selections and beach bags to mini travel sets. As well as almond scented candles and towels.

Campos de Ibiza soap

All come beautifully packaged and presented from small size to large. Hotels and weddings are catered for too. Visit Campos de Ibiza to see the full range of delightful gifts and products.

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