Spain’s Canary Islands guarantee sun and swimming season from May to January making them the ideal go to place for watersports.  But La Gomera is tops, with clear waters that hardly ever drop below 20 degrees Celsius,  in the Atlantic Ocean offers all season, year-round watersports like Stand-Up Paddleboarding & Canoeing, Snorkelling & Diving, Deep Sea Fishing and Boat Excursions.

La Gomera

Stand-up paddleboarding  gives you an all out workout as it’s a high- intensity exercise which derived from ancient Polynesian roots. Its popularity began when surfers started to use oars in training to increase their balance.

There are three companies on La Gomera which provide all you need for  paddleboarding or canoeing and they are in Valle Gran Rey, San Sebastián and in Playa Santiago.

Snorkelling & Diving

La Gomera has  been the location for underwater photography and free diving championships because of its diverse natural resources. The island was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2012 for its subaquatic flora and fauna.

It’s an ideal location for beginners but also for the more experienced and adventurous divers. There are drift dives, caves and deep reefs to explore, as well as the impressive  huge volcanic structure at the Natural Monument of Los Organos  that continues underwater.

La Gomera, watersports

Deep Sea Fishing

La Gomera’s rich marine life make it one of the best destinations for deep sea fishing. It is the home to many species such as blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish, tuna, blue fin, big-eye, yellow fin and albacore as well as hammerhead and mako sharks, dorado and more.

There are many charter boat services in San Sebastian’s marina with world-class boats, equipment and expertise for big game fishing, bottom fishing, jigging and blue marlin fishing.

One of the most important fishing events of the year  ‘Isla de Gomera’ Deep Sea Fishing Championship takes place here.

Boat Excursions

With 90 km of virtually unexplored coastline,  the island’s marine life is rich and abundant. Schools of  fish, barracudas, rays, turtles, dolphins and whales  can be seen near the coast.

La Gomera is one the world’s most important places for whale and dolphin watching with 30 different species inhabiting the waters, almost one-third of the 87 species worldwide.

Several companies provide boat excursions, most of them depart from the port of Vueltas (Valle Gran Rey), but  also from San Sebastián and Playa Santiago.

La Gomera

These are just some of the reasons why  La Gomera is a top spot for watersports but it’s a great place for hiking, star gazing and relaxing too if all that activity sounds too exhausting.