May is the best time to see wild flowers in Andalusia and I find myself coming home from walking every morning with a fistful of wild flowers. Right now living in the Sierra Sur de Jaen, northern Andalusia, luxury is being able to walk in the sunshine, through the olive groves. Breathe in fresh air and see the magnificence of the countryside. A patchwork of colour. A work of art by nature.

The dictionary definition of Luxury is ‘a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.’

Wild Flowers, Jaen, Andalusia, Spain

Great expense for me is actually tearing myself away from my laptop and going out for a walk while it’s still cool.

I started off counting the different wild flowers I picked. I only go for pink, purple and white ones (I can’t abide yellow and pink or purple together.) But soon lost count and couldn’t have comfortable carried a bigger bouquet. Bouquet because I did actually arrange each one in place as I picked it.

Luxury means different things to different people and right now, this morning my little bit of luxury was free and healthy. That’s not always so!