Winery – Bodegas Tradicion in Jerez

Bodegas Tradicion

Although Bodegas Tradicion is a fairly new winery it is the successor of the oldest one in the Jerez wine producing area.

The original winery was Bodega CZ, J.M. Rivero which  dated back to 1650 and was the supplier of the Royal Houses of Spain and Portugal winning many different international rewards.

Art Gallery Bodega Tradicion

Opening in the late 1990s by a descendant of the oldest sherry house the bodegas are open for viewing as well as wine and brandy tastings while viewing the considerable private art collection. It is reported to be one of the best  collections of Spanish paintings  in Andalusia and contains over 300 paintings, some of the works are by Grand Masters Goya and Velazquez  amongst many others 15th – 20th century  artists.


There are two types of unique and limited production Tradicion Brandies and six fabulous wines:

Palo Cortado VORS
Oloroso VORS
Cream VOS
Pedro Ximenez VOS

A trip to this winery will have you taking away a great choice of fine wines and brandy – if there’s any remaining.

For more information or to book visits go to the Bodega Tradicion website.

Eight Historical Paradors in Andalusia

Ranging from mansions to palaces and situated in 16th century plazas, to possessing fabulous sea views or sitting on a hill-top, visit the eight out of 16 paradors of Andalucia which are in gorgeous historical buildings.

Carmona Parador

Carmona Parador

What better way to tour five out of the eight provinces in Andalusia than to become royalty for the night in the 14th century Moorish fortess of Carmona with Mudejar fountain, landscaped gardens and sweeping views over the hot dusty plains. Located between Cordoba and Sevilla, Carmona itself is a lovely town with plenty to explore so several nights stay here would be ideal.

Granada Parador


Granada Parador

Or what about the 15th century convent San Francisco in the Alhambra Palace grounds with views of the Generalife Gardens and a magical Christian/Moorish blend of architecture. An ideal place to stay while visiting the UNESCO and must-visit Alhambra.

Jaen Parador
Jaen Parador

Next it’s ‘on top of the world’ at the 13th century Parador de Santa Catalina, an Arabic fortress overlooking Jaen city and its sea of surrounding olive groves. Its small pretty flower-filled patios, thick walls, solid wooden doors, topped by a 20 metre high drawing room ceiling make it one of my favourites.

Arcos de la Frontera Parador

Arcos de la Frontera Parador

The historical palace of Casa del Corregidor in one of The White Villages of Arcos de la Frontera in Cadiz province sits on an enormous limestone ridge with far-reaching views. The town was declared a national historic-artistic monument in 1962 and is charming although driving in the town itself and parking is difficult. But don’t let that put you off, both the town, the Parador and the views warrant the inconvenience.

Just as Arcos de la Frontera has to be the most spectacularly sited town in Cadiz province so is Ronda Parador in the province of Malaga. The 100m deep Tajo Gorge on which the town sits provides head-spinning views from the balconies along the ridge and from the Parador, a former Town Hall, close to its edge.

Malaga Parador

Malaga Gibralfaro Parador
Another Parador with a view is Malaga Gibralfaro. Once a castle, founded by Greek colonists, part of its name ‘faro’ means lighthouse being a beacon on the Gibralfaro hill for ships heading for Malaga’s port. It’s opposite the Alcazaba a delightful Moorish fortress like a mini Alhambra Palace, with a Roman Amphitheatre at it’s base.

Ubeda Parador

Ubeda Parador

Lastly heading from the Mediterranean Sea to the green sea of olive trees in Jaen province and on the edge of Cazorla, Spain’s largest natural park, is the splendid Ubeda Parador Condestable Davalos a 16th century Renaissance Palace, set in an incredible huge plaza filled with superb sandstone monuments of the same period.

Covering covering centuries of history these paradors are just part of a great Andalusian travel experience waiting for you in Southern Spain.

See the Paradors on Booking dot com, this link is for the Granada Parador.

All photos courtesy of except the Ubeda one which is mine.

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Writer’s Retreats & Writing Courses in Spain

I live in Spain, work in Spain and write in Spain so my first choice for a Writing Retreat is in the Spanish countyside of which there is plenty. A recent yearning for another writer’s holiday had me researching possibilities and so I’ve compiled a list of the courses I fancy attending, they are in alphabetical order and not the order I’d like to do them.

Casa Ana

Chalk in the Sun

Get Away to Write

Write Away Europe


Writer at Work

What is it about courses for writers that appeals to me?

I think the opportunity to get away from work, home, life, family for a short time is very important. It’s an opportunity to just be. To be you or in some cases find yourself. You get moments when all you have to do is the writing exercise with no interruptions, no I must just do this…

Depending on what type of course it is, for me I prefer all women groups, it’s a chance to share. A meeting of new people and experiences which very often creates an atmosphere of trust meaning a new level of opening up and depth in your writing. Again it depends on the type of course or workshop you do.

The list above ranges from courses on journalling to planning and preparing a non-fiction book. The course I went on in Barcelona with Pink Pangea was a travel writer’s course, the range is as huge as are the genres of writing.

Casa Rural El Reguelo
Casa Rural El Reguelo

There is of course another option which for some people is far more preferable and that is to rent somewhere to be alone and write – here’s one option – my holiday home! Rent a writer’s retreat in the depths of Andalusia. If you want company, shopping or catering or just a muse live ten minutes away!