Tongue Bags the handmade in Mallorca collection of stunning Mediterranean bags and T-shirts shout summer, style, coolness. And everything has that light, bright Mediterranean feel.

Tonguebags Mallorcan Fashion

Handmade in Mallorca the bags collection is a fine example of a Young Mallorcan fashion label who use the distinctive “llengües” fabric which has been made on the island for hundreds of years.


These handmade casual bags originated from two young Majorcan brothers who are interested in contemporary design and the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle.


All the designs are handcrafted in small workshops near the Mediterranean and all the supplies are sourced locally.


Each carefully produced product made by the craftspeople is hand elaborated making each unique.

The material “llengües” which translates as cloth of tongues is made by complex ancient weaving techniques passed down through generations of craftspeople.

The result is a fabric which is exclusive to the island of Mallorca which is the only place in the world where it’s manufactured and has been so since 1854.



Why not see the full range of colours and designs from this young, vibrant fashion team’s collection of bags and T-shirts?