I’m rather partial to hotel breakfasts – if they are done right. You’d be surprised how many aren’t. My experiences this year have been above average, that means not too many moans from me, ask hubby.

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When it comes to presentation or prettiness I’m just as fussy. When towards the end of last year we visited Hotel Viento 10 in Cordoba and had our own table-laid mini buffet breakfast it started My Prettiest Hotel Breakfast of the Year idea.

Last year the hands down winner was Hotel Viento 10, here’s the spread and the beginning of my ‘awards!’

Hotel Viento 10, Cordoba

This year has been a little more difficult. Not only the lay out but the array of delicacies made me go for a joint win….. Out of the thirteen or so hotels I stayed in this year the winners of ‘My  Prettiest Breakfast of the Year’ award are …. Hotel Los Castanos and Hotel La Gastrocasa.

…both for presentation, thought and variety.

Hotel Los Castaños
Hotel Los Castaños
Hotel La Gastocasa Breakfast
Hotel La Gastocasa Breakfast

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See Hotel Los Castaños in Cartajima, Malaga and Hotel La Gastrocasa in Gandia, Valencia on my  OnlySpain ~ Boutique Hotels site.

So My Prettiest Hotel Breakfast of the Year awards so far go to:

2016 – Hotel Viento 10 in Cordoba city

2017 – Atelier 88 in Alcala la Real, Jaen (which has since changed hands)

2018 – ……… the drum roll begins