Repsol Restaurant Guide – Sun-ratings

The Repsol Guide in Spain has been giving out sun-ratings to great restaurants for over 35 years. Nowhere near as well-known worldwide as  Michelin Stars but within Spain they are highly rated and sought after.

For 2016 a total of 476 Spanish restaurants were listed –

36 with Three Suns
147 with Two Suns
293 with One Sun

That’s a lot of fabulous restaurants to try, so where ever you head to around Spain be sure to consult the Repsol Guide to for excellent restaurants. I’ve listed all the three sun  restaurants throughout Spain and then all the sun rated, one, two and three stars ones in Andalucia. Why all of them in Andalucia? That’s where I live and the ones I’ll probably get to first!


Tres Soles or 3 Sun Repsol Restaurants in Spain

ABaC –  Barcelona
Akelarre  – Donostia/San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa
Aponiente – El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz
Arzak  – Donostia/San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa
Atrio –  Caceres
Azurmendi  – Larrabetzu, Bizkaia
Cabaña Buenavista – El Palmar, Murcia
Can Jubany  – Calldetenes, Barcelona
Sant Pau – Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona
Casa Gerardo  – Prendes, Asturias
Cenador de Amós  – Villaverde de Pontones, Cantabria
Coque  – Humanes de Madrid, Madrid
Dani García – Marbella, Málaga
DiverXo – Madrid
Dos Cielos – Barcelona
El Celler de Can Roca – Girona
El Portal – Ezcaray, La Rioja
Etxebarri  – Atxondo, Bizkaia
Hispania  – Arenys de Mar, Barcelona
Kabuki Wellington – Madrid
L’Escaleta – Cocentaina, Alicante
La Terraza del Casino – Madrid
Martín Berasategui – Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa
Mugaritz –  Errentería, Gipuzkoa
Nerua  – Bilbao, Bizkaia
O’Pazo – Madrid
Quique Dacosta Restaurante – Dénia, Alicante
Ramón Freixa – Madrid,
Ricard Camarena – Valencia
Rodero – Pamplona, Navarra
Santceloni – Madrid
Solla – San Salvador de Poio, Pontevedra
Vía Veneto – Barcelona
Zalacain – Madrid
Zuberoa –  Oiartzun, Gipuzkoa


Repsol  Restaurants In Andalucia

Three Suns 
Aponiente – Cadiz
Dani García – Málaga
Two Suns
Abantal – Sevilla
Choco – Cordoba
El Campero – Cadiz
El Faro del Puerto – Cadiz
El Lago – Malaga
Jose Carlos Garcia – Malaga
Kabuki Raw – Malaga
La Costa – Almeria
One Sun
Acanthum – Huelva
Alejandro – Almeria
Alhucemas – Sevilla 
Antonio – Cadiz
Arriaga – Granada
Cantina La Estacion – Jaen
Casa Antonio – Jaen
Casa Bigote – Cadiz
Castilleria – Cadiz
Don Giovanni – Malaga
Egaña – Santo –Sevilla
El Faro de Cadiz – Cadiz
El Churrasco – Cordoba
El Jardín – Hacienda El Rosalejo – Cadiz 
El Jardín de Lutz – Malaga
Jaylu – Sevilla
Juanito – Jaen
La Catedral – Almeria
La Curiosidad de Mauro Barreiro – Cadiz
La Fabula – Granada
La Plazuela – Huelva
Los Marinos Jose – Malaga
Los Sentidos – Jaen
Marbella Club Grill – Malaga
Don Giovanni Finca Cortesin – Malaga

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Jaen’s Best Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Jaen Selection 2016 prize-winning extra virgin olive oils from Elaia Zait come with a fine price and story.
_mg_00025-copiaRealising that extra virgin olive oils (evoo)  weren’t being presented as a gastronomy/gourmet produce Elaia Zait set out with this challenge to produce that very product.

The gift presentation box Premium 2016 features the Jaen Selection, prize-winning oils, and paying tribute to the local painter Quesada Rafael Zabaleta and one of his best works “Formas en tierras de Secano” which can be seen in the painter’s museum in Jaen._mg_00033-copia
Deconstructing the painting into two parts gave rise to the two parts of the presentation pack which is made from olive wood and contains not only eight of the best evoos but a limited edition numbered lithograph of the original painting.

The presentation packaging places the bottles upright  like an olive tree and for this reason the inside also is made of gorgeously-grained olive oil. Only 100 of this series has been produced._mg_00018-copiaProduced totally in Jaen province using various providers it has been a careful and detailed project from the fine oil produced to the laser engraving and special varnishes used.

For more information and/or puchase contact Elaia Zait