No, I’m not talking about Jamon, which is delicious, popular and everywhere – especially the best pata negra.  Andalucia gastronomy varies from town to town and province to province but one spot which should definitely be on your list is Riofrio in Granada.

Why? I hear you ask. Well Riofrio produces black sturgeon caviar. About an hour south of the lovely city of Granada with the unmissable Alhambra Palace is the tiny town of Riofrio which has produced caviar of more than fifty years. Incredible as it sounds it is only in recent years that it’s become public knowledge rather than the whisper of chefs. Sturgeon isn’t the only roe they produce but also salmon and sea urchin.

Caviar Cubes @Riofrio

They also keep up with the times and innovate with new products, what about a Caviar Cube instead of an olive in your Cocktail or Martini.

Plan a visit to the only certified organic sturgeon farm in the world but if you can’t there’s a virtual visit and an online shop – Caviar de RioFrio