El Carmen de Montesion

Spain’s new capital of gastronomy 2016 has been chosen. The last five years, since its beginning, the Spanish Gastronomic Capitals have been 

Logroño  – 2012
Burgos – 2013
Vitoria  – 2014
Caceres  – 2015

This week the new capital for  2016 has been decided – Toledo. A double celebration as it will also be its 30th Anniversary with the UNESCO Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

Famous for its flavoursome yet simple dishes and with support of local chefs it’s expected that Toledo will see a rise in visitors not only during it’s year of fame. Probably one of the best times to visit is in autumn and winter when groups of hunters can be seen trawling throughout the countryside and their provisions of hare, rabbit and deer on the menus.

Another famous product from Toledo stretching back to its Moorish influence is marzipan and nougat, now popular at Christmas time.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Castilla-La Mancha

Out of Spain’s 134 new Michelin One Star eateries Toledo and its surrounds boasts three, so where to experience the best of Toledo’s gastronomy? Right here

Maralba in Almansa
El Bohio in Illescas
La Casa del Carmen in Olias del Rey
Las Rejas in Las Pedroñeras
El Carmen de Montesion in Toledo
Tierra in Torrico