5* Hotel Castillo Del Bosque La Zoreda, Oviedo

This delightfully small castle hotel is also known as the “Sela Palace”. It´s in Zoreda forest just 4 kilometers from the city of Oviedo in a private and discrete spot making it an ideal escape for those looking for some luxurious privacy.

The Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda has 25 luxury rooms and suites in 13.000sq m of private grounds, two restaurants for a fine dining experience and an English-style pub.

The spa, which is open daily, has a large pool with nine hydrotherapy jets, as well as massage and beauty treatments cabins, a Vichy shower, relaxation area and a steam bath.

The forest of La Zoreda, the green lung of Oviedo, includes oaks, maples, chestnuts, beeches, hazel and has an impressive diversity of fauna, with wild boars, roe deer, foxes, badgers, squirrels, owls and several forest reptiles yet is close to the city.

With non-smoking rooms, wifi and direct-dial lines you´ll be well connected in the heart of nature.

Is this Spain´s Greenest Hotel?

Hotel Bon Sol in Illetas in Mallorca has always taken its environmental policy seriously, even from its beginnings in 1953, long before the ozone layer scare stories.

Antonio Xamena, the original owner, loved nature and respected the natural world so began offering traditional Mediterranean hospitality that caused no damage.  Hotel Bon Sol, a former manor house on the old Bendinat Castle estate on a pine-clad hillside in Illetas, just west of Palma was originally the Xamena family home.

The house was sympathetically restored and later developed into a hotel business and expanded. Antonio Xamena showed incredible foresight and as his son Martin Xamena said “We were an environmentally-friendly concern, before the phrase was even invented!”

Belonging to The Association of Sustainable Hotels in Mallorca Bon Sol is committed to green practices in all areas of hotel management from being the first building on the island to use solar panels in 1968 to recycled shower water being used to flush the toilets.

Being concerned with how much CO2 the hotel was producing annually the Xamena family bought land equivalent to 240 football grounds and started to plant trees:  half teak and half local rainforest  trees. In 2009 more land was bought and tree planting is now in process.  The total amount of land under development is now approximately the size of 520 football fields with 230,000 trees.


The Hospes Madrid 5* Tranquility in Spain´s Capital

For a truly luxurious stay in the heart of Spain´s capital city it has to be The Hospes Madrid. A beautifully restored 41- bedroomed building from 1833 that is right next to Madrid´s green lung the Parque del Retiro and in front of the Puerta de Alcalá.

A more peaceful location right in the city is hard to find bringing you both urban life and green space in one unique location. The 5* Hospes Madrid in the Barrio de Salamanca offers the best local cuisine in its Senzone Restaurant Puerta de Alcalá and the Bodyna Spa offers natural products mixed together to create a feeling of well-being and relaxation during your stay in this major European city.

The Hospes Madrid is part of the Hospes Infinite Places Collection.