This Parador on the edge of the picturesque and monument-rich town of Carmona in the province of Sevilla, Andalucia has a fine heritage.  The 14th century Arabic fortress has been restored, modernised and added to creating the luxurious feel with its modern amenities it offers today.

Carmona Parador Parking

The original fortress build by the Moors was on the site of an earlier fortress built by the Iberians and Carthaginians later to be altered and increased in size by Rey Don Pedro.

Dining Room at the Parador de Carmona

Stuffed with leather work, wood, ancient rugs and antiques means a huge choice of seating areas, the lovely terrace overlooking the plains beyond, the colonnaded cloister, gardens complete with a Mudejar fountain and swimming pool or the welcoming lounge.

I visited in June 2011 and this is definitely in my top five list of  Paradors in Andalucia.